Homemade Cerelac Recipes – for kids aged 6 months and above

Healthy cerelac for your babies with homemade purity
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All three mommies in the Chai and Nappies team believes in homemade food for our kiddos. Right from the time our kids turned six months old and we started with solid food, we have ensured we gave them only homemade food and refrained from introducing packaged or processed food.

One of the tried and tested food we introduced to our kids when they turned six months old was this homemade cerelac. It is a very traditional recipe, handed down from generations and shared between us.

What is homemade cerelac?

We all know of the store-brought cerelac, and this homemade cerelac is, honestly, nothing like it. IT’s a much healthier version, using simple wholesome ingredients and is very easy to prepare. It can be prepared in small quantities and stored. We do not prepare large batches of this, because this recipe will definitely not include any preservative and hence, cannot be stored for a longer period of time.

This homemade porridge or cerelac is made using several grains and dal. It can be given to babies six months and above, however, we will always recommend you check with your pediatrician before introducing any food to your baby. Also, make sure you do an allergy test for each individual ingredients, before starting your baby on this porridge. Also if you want a baby feeding chart for 6 month plus baby then CLICK HERE.

Why homemade cerelac?

Store-bought cerelac has only one advantage – it is easy and hassle-free to make. But, so is this recipe, once you have prepared the powder.

Easy food is not necessarily safe food for your kid. By now, we are all aware of the fact that these packaged food (even if they are meant for babies), contain so much preservatives in them, to increase their shelf life. Ultimately, all of these preservatives are absolutely not good for your baby’s gut system.

Again, have you ever tasted the store-bought cerelac? If you have, then you know how tasty that stuff is! I mean I would eat it for breakfast and dinner every day! That’s the magic of adding additional and artificial flavors – something we should totally avoid.

Homemade cerelac is safe, organic (if you use organic ingredients), can be made in small batches so no chances of getting spoilt, and eventually you will save a lol of money without putting your child’s health at risk.

Need I say more?

Homemade Cerelac Recipes – for kids aged 6 months and above

Benefits of homemade cerelac

  • It is made up of ingredients which can help babies put on weight
  • It can help babies develop their stamina and boost their immunity
  • Since it is homemade, the ratio can always be adjusted according to the baby’s preference and new ingredients can also be added based on the baby’s palate.
  • It is one of the best introductory food which can be good for your baby’s tummy
  • It is a good combination of various dietary sources for your baby
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Prep Time 30 mins Cook Time 30 mins Rest Time 60 mins Total Time 2 hrs Difficulty: Beginner Servings: 15 Best Season: Suitable throughout the year



  1. Instructions

    Wash the rice, moong dal, masoor dal, dalia and almonds separately

  2. Soak them for minimum one hour

  3. Drain each of them and dry them under a fan or direct sunlight until the entire moisture is gone

  4. Once dried, roast the ingredients separately

  5. While roasting either the dal or the rice, add the methi seeds as well

  6. Once they are roasted, cool them completely

  7. Now blend them into a fine powder using your mixie or blender.

  8. Sieve the powder using a fine mesh

  9. Store the powder in an air-tight container

How to prepare this porridge

  1. Take one tablespoon of the mix in a clean saucepan

  2. Add 2 cups of water and whisk it well, to ensure there are no lumps

  3. Now place the pan on a low flame and stir continuously

  4. Cook for 10-12 minutes or until the mixture thickens and is cooked completely

  5. Serve it warm and not hot


  1. The above quantity will make enough cerelac for one month
  2. Make sure you sue the mix within a month. Any additional powder after the month can be discarded
  3. You can exclude any ingredient if it causes an allergic reaction for your kid
  4. Ensure each ingredient has been separately given to the baby, prior to introducing this cerelac, so as to rule out the chances of an allergic reaction
  5. Follow the 3-day rule when giving your baby this porridge for the first time


Hope you try this recipe and if you do, do not forget to let us know if your LO liked it or not.
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