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The two Amigos

With years of experience in team and project management, it comes as no surprise that Rachel is the inspiration officer of the team. After completing her post-graduation in Human Resources, Rachel worked as an HR for a short stint, but her true calling was advertising and specifically, writing. She loves crafting creative campaigns, coming up with branding solutions and writing short stories. 

Additionally, she hopes to publish a compilation of short stories sometime in the future!
Rachel is an ardent animal lover and animal rescuer – along with one human baby, she is also mommy to three cats and one doggo, truly a House Full! 

After pursuing BSC in Fashion & Designing from Bangalore in 2004, Pallavi worked with an export house as a Designer. Post that, due to unavoidable situations, she had to switch her career and entered into the world of Client Servicing in the tech industry. Pallavi enjoys learning and is always ready to try out new challenges, and this was no different. 

However, life sometimes throws lemons at us! She got married in 2013 and became the proud mother of two adorable kiddos. But, her career went into a pause mode. However, it wasn’t long before she started feeling empty and less productive. Being an extremely creative person, she decided to pursue graphic designing and boy, are we glad! She is the creative head here and is responsible for all communication designs.



Chai & Nappies started out as a new mom’s online diary because, even though she had heard all about it, she had zero idea how challenging motherhood could be and just had to share it with others!

Hi! I am Rachel and I am mommy to human baby Chelsea aka Baby C and four fur babies.The blog came to fruition when Baby C turned six months old and I was knee-deep in my role as a new mommy. This blog started out as a story of my journey as a new mommy and a place where I could reminisce about my pregnancy days. But, soon I found out that my experiences, my high and low moments, my triumphs and misses resonated with a lot of other mommies, who loved connecting with my blog (and, social accounts).

That’s when I realized this had to become a lot more than just a blog. This had to become a community – a community of new parents, would-be parents and single parents. This would be the place where they could get all their questions answered, their doubts cleared and share their stories, while enjoying the virtual company of like-minded people. This had to become big and I couldn’t do it alone!

Enter Pallavi a mommy sharing the vision I had. Pallavi is a mommy to two toddlers, and between the two of us, we watched our tribe grow. Pallavi brought with her a creative angle as well as more experience with parenting.


Chai & Nappies publishes articles that covers every stage of pregnancy and parenthood. Our articles are aimed at helping our readers understand and navigate the journey of pregnancy, parenthood, their children’ growth & development, while also focusing on their overall mental and physical well-being. But, all work and no play is a big no-no, so expect a healthy dose of fun and frolic as well!

These articles cover everything pertaining to:

– Pregnancy and new-mom mental wellness

– Pregnancy and new-mom physical wellness

– Pregnancy journey

– Single parenting

– Nutrition for pregnant women and new-mothers

– Product reviews (pregnancy and baby products)

But, that’s not all. Since this is a community, we can’t only be sharing our thoughts and stories – we need to hear from you too!

We love telling stories of other parents, connecting strangers and making everyone feel that they are NOT alone. Our journey may be the same, but our stories differ and who knows, maybe your story is exactly what another parent needed to hear. If you are looking to give a voice to your story, then we are here to listen.


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