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5 Foods that help milk production

Increase your milk production now

A lot of new moms are often faced with a challenge to produce enough milk that can take care of their baby’s hunger. As the baby grows older, the milk supply needs to increase (especially for babies who are only breastfed) to ensure they are meeting the baby’s requirement. I faced the same problem as well since I was exclusively breastfeeding my baby and there would be days when I knew there wasn’t enough milk being supplied. Baby C would demand more feeds and since her tummy wasn’t filling up, she would be cranky and hungry.

At times, the production of milk depends a lot on how your baby latches. If the baby is not able to latch well, then the milk extraction gets affected. In such cases, you may need the advice of a lactation consultant, who can show you the correct way to help your baby latch. I did this, and once Baby C could latch well, the milk supply increased significantly. Our body adjusts the milk supply to the demanded amount. So, the more the baby demands milk, the more the body produces it.

A mother’s diet also greatly impacts the amount of milk being produced and the quality of the milk produced. Right after the delivery, it might be very difficult for many new mothers to take care of their own diet while looking after their baby. Missed meals, eating junk and processed food, not eating on time and not eating a balanced diet – every new mom has experienced one or more of these instances. While they may not cause a whole lot of issues with the milk supply, it’s always advisable to pay attention to what you eat when you are breastfeeding. Likewise if you need to know what to feed your darling baby then we have a great feeding schedule you can see by clicking HERE.

Certain foods are believed to help increase breastmilk production. These food are known as galactagogues and most often (mainly based on word-of-mouth verification) they help increase the quantity and quality of the milk produced. Five most common galactagogues are:

Fenugreek seeds (methi):

Fenugreek seeds have been used for years by women in India and other parts of Asia to boost their milk production. They contain a healthy dose of Omega-3 fats which is also very helpful for the development of the baby. Fenugreek tea is the best way to consume this herb. Another method is to soak the seeds overnight and drink the water in the morning, on an empty stomach.

Fenugreek seeds
Fenugreek Seeds

Oats (jaee):

Oats (jaee)
A healthy oats breakfast

Oats is one of the most famous lactogenic foods known. Oats contain high amounts of iron and fiber and are very popular with nursing moms.  A bowl of oats for breakfast is one of the best way to consume it.

Fennel seeds (saunf):

fennel seeds
Fennel Seeds

Like fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds have also been consumed for years by new moms to help increase their milk supply. Fennel seeds also help relieve baby’s gas and colic. Drinking soaked fennel seeds water in the morning, or sipping on fennel tea during the day is the best way to consume it.

Barley (jau):


Barley is known to help boost the milk supply significantly. It also helps keep the new mom hydrated. Barley has been shown to increase the level of prolactin in the body, which is a hormone that helps the milk to be made. Barley can be incorporated into various foods such as salads and stews. Soaked barley water can also be consumed in the morning.

Garlic (lehsun):


A lot of moms, especially in India, believe that a clove of garlic a day helps boost the milk supply considerably.  It also helps boost the immune system and is excellent for our heart. However, consuming garlic may cause the taste of the milk, so it needs to be consumed moderately.

If you are struggling with your milk supply, make sure you bring this concern to your doctor. There could also be an underlying reason for the decrease in supply and your doctor or lactation consultant will be the best person to help you evaluate you and provide you with the solution.

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