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Positive Affirmations For Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is such a time for joy and enjoyment – the happiness it engulfs us with is immeasurable. But, it may not always be the same. Bringing a human being to life is a big responsibility and from the time of conception, every would-be mother will go through phases of anxiety, worry and difficulty. In fact for many women, pregnancy is a downright difficult time riddled with tests, check-ups and maybe complications.

Chanting affirmations is a quick and sure-shot way to easing these worries and experiencing long-lasting positive effects on your mental and emotional health.

What are affirmations?

An affirmation is a positive sentence you keep repeating to yourself to help overcome negative thoughts and reduce anxiousness. You can say these affirmations out loudly or silently, over and over. Repeating these positive affirmations can help motivate and comfort you. Similar to yoga or meditation, they help access your sub-conscious minds and rewire it to start thinking positively. This will overall help improve your mental and emotional well-being.

Affirmations offer a host of benefits when done on a regular basis. Some of them are:

Promoting a positive mindset

the more you chant the affirmations, the more your mind gets used to the idea of the positivity of the affirmations. Similar to going to a gym, the more you keep practicing the affirmations, the easier it will become and help change your negative mindset to a positive one.

Reducing stress:

Affirmations help you calm down and divert your mind away from your stress-inducers, towards thoughts that makes you happy.

Keeping things in perspective:

Affirmations help you understand how even small things can bring about big changes in your life. Sometimes we forget how important these small things can be

Better health:

A positive mindset will always lead to good health. Positive affirmations lead to positive mindset which reduces the risk of major ailments such as heart diseases, high-blood pressure etc.

Below are 20 positive, persuasive, and meaningful affirmations you can recite during labor and delivery:

I trust my instincts.

I am present. I am doing this. We are doing this.

I trust my body to know what to do.

I feel confident. I feel safe. I feel secure.

Each surge of my body brings my baby closer to me.

I am surrounded by love and support.

I am prepared to meet whatever turns my birthing takes.

I relax and my baby relaxes with me.

I breathe deeply and I am calm.

The same love and desire I feel toward life I feel toward my baby’s birth.

My baby trusts me, and I trust this process.

I have great trust in myself and my capabilities.

I am relaxed and happy that my baby is finally coming.

Birth is powerful. I will let it empower me.

I am fierce but flexible.

I am strong and capable.

I can’t stop the waves, but I can learn to surf.

I feel good and I am beautiful, inside and out.

Waiting for the birth of my baby is an experience of serene joy.

With each deep breath, I feel better and better.

Did you chant any affirmations during your pregnancy? Were they any of these? We would love to know! Also if you are really scared then click on the link below to see a list of things I was afraid of during pregnancy that I shouldn’t have been. Click Here to read more about that story.

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