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The ultimate soap for baby skin care?

The first time I noticed a dry white patch on my 11-month old daughter’s back, I did not pay much attention to it. I continued her daily bath routine as usual. However, after about a week, I noticed the patch had become very dry and had started spreading out a bit. I was a bit alarmed, but so much that I rushed with her to the pediatrician.

It was another week or so later, that I noticed few similar small patches on her shoulders and neck. This alarmed me a lot and I immediately called her doctor. Now, bear in mind that this was early 2021, so we were in the midst of a pandemic and lockdown – I couldn’t take her to the pediatrician, it had to be a video call.

Over the video call. The doctor was of the opinion that she had developed eczema. I was so upset! He said there wasn’t any permanent cure for this and suggested I try out an ointment. Turns out it was a steroid ointment – I wasn’t about to give my daughter that!

There seemed to be nothing much that I could do about this – I hadn’t yet changed anything with regards to her bath routine or the cream that she used. It was almost a month now since the first dry patch had appeared and two things happened simultaneously – I read online a review of another mother complaining about the same issue occurring because of the body wash she was using for her daughter (it was the same one that I was using!!!) and I spoke to Pallavi (our Creative Head) about this and she suggested I try out the soap Tedibar, which was what she was using for her two kids. Her older daughter has very sensitive skin and Tedibar was what was suggested to her by her pediatrician.

I decided to give Tedibar a go and that was one of the best decisions I ever made with regards to my daughter’s skincare.

Here’s a review of the product:


75 gm



Purchased From:

Big Basket/Amazon India/FirstCry/Medical stores (these are non-sponsored links, you can purchase from anywhere)

My Take:

I have been using this soap for over a year now and it has helped by daughter’s skin a lot. It cleared up the white patches within days. It is an extremely creamy soap, which does not leave the skin feeling dry. It has a very mild fragrance, so if you or your baby has a sensitive nose, this will not cause any issue. The soap is light pink in colour and comes with a drain tray/dish that you can keep the soap on, so that it dries quickly after use.  It can be safely used on the child’s face and body and as mentioned above, is an extremely safe soap to use for children who have sensitive skin.


Syndet Base, Perfume, Ci 26100

Key features of Tedi Bar Soap (as per the manufacturer)

  • Designed for the delicate skin of babies
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Skin friendly pH 5.5
  • Soap free, alkali free

Directions for using soap (as per the manufacturer)

  • Gently rub the soap and apply it all over baby’s wet skin
  • Lather well and wash off
  • Pat dry it with a towel


-skin-friendly soap: I started using it after my baby developed SEVERE RASHES and SKIN ISSUES from her previous body wash. Tedibar soap helped clear up her rashes within 2-3 days.

-contains pH balance of 5.5, the same as for healthy skin

-has a mild fragrance, nothing too strong

-does not make the baby’s skin dry at all. Even on days, when I haven’t given my baby an oil massage and used this soap, it still doesn’t dry the skin

-extremely safe to use for babies from 3 months onwards

-creamy soap, does not get hard over time

– does not cause irritation to the eyes

– has no harmful chemicals in it

-recommended by most pediatricians
100% soap free

-comes with a small tray to keep the soap on, for quick drying



The only con is, it’s very difficult to purchase single pack. I purchase from my local medical store, so I can buy one pack at a time. I prefer not to bulk buy on baby items.

Have you used this soap? Let me know your thoughts below in the comment section.
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