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10 Ways to Engage Your Child

The best ways to engage your child this summer

It’s summer vacation yay! A few weeks of rest for the children as well as you, we all deserve it with the early morning wake-ups, getting them ready, packing lunches, helping with homework etc… It’s almost as if we are being punished for sending our children to school. Now that you have a break the biggest thing we need to think about is how to keep the children engaged so they don’t end up wasting time glued to their phones and computers. It is important to keep children continuously engaged with a wide array of activities so that they naturally develop various skill-sets and perspectives.

So without further ado here is a quick list of activities to engage your child that might definitely be helpful during long summer breaks! But before that first do acknowledge your inner child’s presence and then try to partake and enjoy these activities with your child!

1. Board Games

The classic that never gets old. An enjoyable family time that keeps everyone engaged and glued to their seats. Board games are just not a way for the family to get together and have some fun, it’s a good way to teach children all about winning and losing and learning from their losses. There are many lessons that can learnt from board games and they help keep your children mentally active, as well.

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2. Teaching Gardening

Helps in enhancing their senses & develop motor skills. This make them understand how much time, energy, patience & love is required to make it grow. They can gain a new found appreciation for nature as well respect for the environment.

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3. Fitness

Joining any physical activities classes like yoga, dance, skating, swimming, piano, football and many more, helps to increase their physical strength, mobility and balance. If done consistently then it can also lead to them being more disciplined in life. Naturally they will also be much healthier.

4. Assisting in the Kitchen

Cooking is an important life skill everyone should know. Introducing children to the kitchen and cooking helps them learn important lessons on hygiene, nutrition and definitely helps broaden their palate. It also helps picky eaters know more about their food and enjoy the process, which can help increase their love for food.This can lead to a further appreciation of the food they eat. Also it keeps them engaged a long time. You can check out this really simple summer cool drink that they can easily make by CLICKING HERE.

5. Reading

Developing a habit of reading from a young age will definitely help your child improve their vocabulary and gain immense knowledge on various topics. They will be able to improve their writing skills as well, this way. Reading helps develop their concentration and satisfies their curiosity. Reading also gives a boost to their creative mind and widens their imagination.

6. Volunteer Service

Pick an area of interest that would appeal to both you as a parent and your child. Then find an organization that you can sign up with as a volunteer in the same field. Taking part in social causes helps your children learn about selflessness and about social issues prevalent in our society.

7. Camping

Summer camps is a way to get them out of their comfort zones. They tend to learn important lessons like team work, confidence, leadership, empathy, responsibilities and might understand their limitations or even learn to surpass their limitations.

children camping in forrest

8. Traveling

Traveling will help them broaden their horizons. Learning together as a family, adapting to changes trying new things, learning to be patient, exposure to different values, culture and lifestyle.

9. A New Language

Learning a new Language helps them to be more creative but more importantly it allows them to engage in new cultures. The learning process needs them to be immersed in the culture that the language is from in order to fully learn it. This can also help them with confidence as they will not be able to speak fluently initially but will still need to be confident. Being multilingual can only be an asset.

10. Hobby

Developing a hobby means they would be healthy, happy, creative & productive. It helps children learn to focus, patience, discipline, eagerness to learn new ideas and improvising it. This can also be a stress buster to your child. It can be an opportunity for you to find out what your child is passionate about.

Bonus ideas

11. Sustainable crafts

No matter what your child’s age is, one of the best ways to spend summer vacations is to indulge in a lot of crafty adventures. So, why not teach your kids about sustainable crafts? Teach them how to use disposable products and convert them into beautiful crafts and products that can be useful, as well. This way, not only are you turning on your child’s creativity and imagination, you are also teaching them an important lesson on sustainability and recycling.

12. Journaling

Journaling helps your child develop their writing skills. This also helps them an amazing habit, which can only bring positive outcomes in their lives. Journaling helps engage their minds when they write down their thoughts, ideas, and stories. It helps improve their writing skills, and is a fun way to bring out their creativity as well.

So, which new habit is your child going to develop this vacations? Can you think of any other ways to engage your child? IF yes, then we would love to hear those ideas. Share them in the comments below.

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