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Different types of face cleansers for different types of skin – find the right cleanser for your face

What’s the first step in any good skincare routine? Cleansing your face. A clean face is the first step to starting any skincare or makeup routine.

However, we need to be careful about the type of cleanser we select for our face. Not every cleanser is suitable for every skin type. Depending on your skin type – which in turn gives rise to specific skin-related issues- you need to select the cleanser that will work best for you.

As a new mom, you may not always have the time to give your skin the proper care and nourishment it needs. Heck, you may just about have enough time to slap some moisturizer on and call it a day. However, cleaning your skin well helps solve a multitude of skin issues, so that even if you are using just a moisturizer and do not have time to go through a 10-step skincare routine, you can still achieve healthy skin.

With so many varieties of cleansers available – it may become difficult picking one that suits your face. Let’s delve into the types of cleansers available and know more about them in detail.

The different types of cleansers available are:

  • Gel Cleansers
  • Foam Cleansers
  • Oil-based Cleansers
  • Cream Cleansers
  • Clay Cleansers
  • Micellar Water
  • Cleansing Bars
  • Cleansing Powders

Let us dive a bit deeper into each one and see what each one has to offer as well as our picks.

Gel Cleansers

As the name suggests, gel cleansers have a clear gel-like consistency and are lightweight. They are best suited for skin which is acne-prone and sensitive. They offer deep cleaning and are know to clear out the pores, by removing excess sebum. They also have antiseptic properties, which helps sooth acne-prone skin.

C&N pick: Himalayas Neem Face Wash (CLICK HERE FOR OUR REVIEW)

Foam Cleansers

Foam cleansers have a creamy formula, which is very effective in cleaning the skin of its impurities. They help clear out pores as well and can also be used as a make-up remover. They are best suited for oily and combination skin.

C&N pick: SebaMed Clear Face Cleansing Foam

Oil-based Cleansers

Because they are oi-based cleansers, a lot of people with oily and combination skin give this cleanser a miss. But the truth is, oil-based cleansers are suitable for all skin-types. In fact, the first part of the 10-step Korean skincare routine is to clean your face with an oil-based cleanser which helps loosen the makeup and then follow it with a cleanser of your choice. Oil -based cleansers help clean your skin without drying it out.

C&N pick: The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil

Cream Cleansers

These cleansers are cream or lotion-based cleansers and are highly effective in deep-cleaning and moisturizing the skin. They are best suited for people with dry skin and sensitive skin. They do not strip your skin of oil and leave a creamy texture on the skin. Therefore, it is not the ideal cleanser for people with oily skin.

C&N pick: Cetaphil Bright Healthy Radiance Brightness Reveal Creamy Cleanser

Clay Cleansers

Clay cleansers have amazing absorbing power and they literally ‘draw out’ the excess oil and pollutants from your skin. They are best suited for people with oily and combination skin. People with acne-problems may give this cleanser a try as well, however, this type of cleanser cannot be used every day and cannot be used during winters. Clay cleansers cannot be used for makeup removal either.

C&N pick: L’Oreal Paris Skin Care Pure Clay Cleanser

Micellar Water

This is probably one of the best ways to remove makeup and clean our face. Micellar water is made of micelles, which are tiny oil molecules, which are very effective in removing makeup. Unlike other cleansers, micellar water is used on cotton pads to remove makeup and clean the face and does not need to be rinsed. It can always be followed by another cleanser of your choice. Micellar water is perfect for all skin types.

C&N pick: Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water

Cleansing Bars

Cleansing bars are not very popular, compared to other cleansers. However, if you decide to give this a chance, ensure you use a facial bar and not the soap you use for your body. Facial bars are specifically created for your face, and they help maintain the pH level of the skin. Facial bars are best suited for oil skin and combination skins.

C&N pick: Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bars

Cleansing Powders

Again, as the name suggests, these are face cleansers which come in the form of powder. The powder needs to be mixed with water to create a creamy cleanser. The consistency of the cleanser can be controlled by increasing or decreasing the amount of water added. These cleansers are very efficient in exfoliating the skin along with deep cleansing. Cleansing powders are best suited for oily skin, combination skin and sensitive skin.

C&N pick: DHC Face Wash Powder

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